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Love your babies; love someone else’s too 2158 2172 Nicole

Love your babies; love someone else’s too

May we love our neighbor’s babies as our own – and continue creating, imagining, challenging, working toward a more perfect union where all are free to fully grow as the image and likeness of God. Pursue love, right-making: the fight is a good one.

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Frogs Legs 2560 2560 Nicole

Frogs Legs

Despot, cold pot; join the lot: birth-got.   Blind assent – Office bent; mass lament no lieges repent.   Meek inherit, broken bear it – fools declare it, absent merit.   Slowly simmer, substance dimmer, blisters glimmer – Grenouille dinner! Nicole Oliver Snyder

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Mother-Christ, Ebon 1080 1080 Nicole

Mother-Christ, Ebon

A woman writes an article for Christianity Today. About Jesus.
She uses imagery that suggests Jesus is a woman, and black. She receives hate mail and death threats.
Death threats!
Because she writes an article in Christianity Today suggesting Jesus might be anything other than a white man.
God. Is not.
And never will be.
A white man.

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