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Teaching Collaborative Leadership and Life Balance Through Spiritual Mindfulness Practices
Mom died on Monday 1896 2560 Nicole

Mom died on Monday

Mom died on Monday.It was sudden,it was eternal.She was vivid and beautiful and passionateand terrified of being alone; she was never aloneand always lonely.Mom loved completely though rarelyrested in it, remained with it, held by it;love was a memory.Love fueled her fierce protectionof her children, the defense of her grandchildren, especially of the ones who…

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Rights and Wrongs 2560 1912 Nicole

Rights and Wrongs

We cannot speak of rights without speaking of wrongs. When a majority agree that something is a ‘right’ of an individual (or groups of individuals) within the community, the parameters of that ‘right’ define the wrong that results from its absence. Where things become fraught is when something that is uncomfortable or inconvenient is confused with a ‘wrongs.’

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Hair Dos … and don’ts 1442 2560 Nicole

Hair Dos … and don’ts

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I love having hair on my head. Yet I’m never satisfied with it. It’s very fine (versus coarse), but I’ve always had a lot of it. Now that I’m losing quite a bit of it … I’m desperately trying to keep it… and even, perhaps, coax a little back. Too much or too little, there is a fair amount of work required to shape and tease and persuade it into a configuration that accentuates my face, and present a visage of natural ease and confidence. 

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Leading Together
Leading Together: Mindfulness and the Gender Neutral Zone

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About Me

Teaching Collaborative Leadership and Life Balance Through Spiritual Mindfulness Practices




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