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Shekinah, Dimensionality, and Unity 2560 1920 Nicole

Shekinah, Dimensionality, and Unity

Those who were and are rejected by the church want to know God, want to be in God’s presence, want to be the place (vessel) where God’s Name resides – as the temple that Solomon built to house God’s name, this same Solomon from whom the Queen of the East came to hear wisdom. Someone greater than Solomon is here who already made the places for God’s name to reside—Shekinah.

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by our love, one church 1306 1632 Nicole

by our love, one church

Christ came so that all would be made right: between me and God, between me and you, and between us and all creation. That we would live in unified communion – as the first people lived before their eyes were opened to surface truths, blinded to the inner realities of image-bearers and their God. That we would covenant with one another – choose each other, and choose each other again, and again, and again . . . .

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To Know is to Jeong 1080 1350 Nicole

To Know is to Jeong

Today is Clark’s Homecoming Day.  On January 17, 2006, we brought 6-month-old baby Clarkah from the other side of the world to inhabit our lives and change us forever. We are his and he is ours – with every ounce of our being. Today, I learned about the Korean concept of Jeong. In the words…

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  • They may be going in different directions, but they always have each other! #proudmama #myhumans #thefutureisfemale
  • The mystery of parenthood - that your children grow to be remarkable human beings, unique, incredibly capable, and lovely to be with. Congratulations, dear one - you already make the world better by being in it! #mysteryofparenthood #shekinah #ilstu
  • Serving communion at a long term facility.
G: Thank you for visiting us.
Me: we would love to serve you communion.
G: Oh how nice.
Me: how can I be praying for you?
G: Wait. Are you the new methodist minister? I just noticed your collar.  Me: Um, yes... Shall we take communion now? #knownbyourvestments? Thank you @mariasjödinstockholm for perfect fitting clerics that indicate an instrument of God’s presence! #casualpriest And thanks @pastoresker for reminding me of the value of the collar! #knownbyourlove
  • That so-called enlightened sense to know good and evil obscured our vision that was created to see the Divine in one another, God’s image in each other. So, we must trust that love between us and look out together to truly, more profoundly love—in the strength of our relationship—and love creation and one another better. [link to sermon in bio sermon ] #antoinedesaintexupéry #livingisbelieving #faith #creationcare #feministclergy #feministpastor
  • All things new, Love made, is making, all things right! My family is beautiful evidence of God’s graces! Happy Easter from the Snyder-Oliver’s PC: @howiejim
  • It is Love that hangs crucified; a love that transcends tortured death...for justice, solidarity.... ~A sacred moment sharing the Good Friday service with my lover. PC: @greersnyder #loveholdsustogether #goodfriday #clergycouple #twinning #feministclergy #mariasjödin #casualpriest
  • A new mandate, #maundy: Love one another, as God loves. #lovewithoutconditions #thefirstlast #thelastfirst #maundythursday #lent #feministclergy #rethinkchurch
  • #gameofthrones #ivealwayshadblueeyes
  • What happens when all is silent? How has Lent thought me to be silent? PC: @iamspideysam #firstlisten #rethinkchurch #lent #feministclergy
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