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I’m here to guide and be present on your journey to know and be your true self.

Mindfulness Spiritual Direction

Schedule a virtual guided Mindfulness Spiritual Practice space via Virtual Office. I use a combination of Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and guided spiritual narrative imagery.

Mind – Body – Spirit Coaching

Schedule a virtual space for direction in holistic wellness development. I incorporate Mindfulness Spiritual Practice, my expertise as a Licensed Professional Counselor, nutrition, and body-wellness strategies to customize your whole-health wellness needs.


I specialize in designing and developing mindfulness spiritual practices for leadership groups that integrate personal practice with group listening skills in relevant, practical, and purposeful ways.

Group Leadership Direction

Time engaging mindfulness spiritual practice with other people is a profound experience. While leaving one vulnerable it creates a certain trust that makes the risk irrelevant. The creative collaboration that results is beautiful.

Research and experience show that drive and ambition continue to pervade expectations leaders maintain and put into action. Attention and thoughtful reflection are increasingly challenged by the prevalence of technological devices, and the lifestyle this technology gives license to.

Schedule a session space for your business or church leadership team. Teaching, training, and guided practice will be integrated into the time and space created — From a 2-3 hour workshop, a day-long seminar, or weekend retreat. Contact me for more information and to outline your specific needs.

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Advent – Anticipate With

Make Advent meaningful. Anticipate the celebration of Emmanuel’s birth with another. Designed to guide you into personal, centering prayer during the Advent season, and intentional prayer for a young person (or anyone, really!) Download the pdf document to share and write in, or link to the eBook version. Start today! It is 4 weeks until… Read This Article

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Apathy – the Enemy of Justice

After the preparation and partaking of Thanksgiving’s feast, I might be forgiven a bit of indolence. Yet, as we shared a veritable bounty in the more-than-sufficient space of our home, the reality that there exists countless others with no home and insufficient nourishment persists. It is an immeasurable gift that I enjoy an overwhelmingly gracious… Read This Article

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One of the most difficult activities for human beings, perhaps the most difficult, is to listen. It asks that I remain still for a time, that my focus lingers on the object of my listening attention for the duration of the message being communicated. It is active. It is intentional. It is human. When Louis… Read This Article

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Use Your Words – but to transform

A common phrase I used with my children when they were developing implements for their communication toolbox was, “Use your words; hitting is not ok.” And it was a useful instrument that led to many discussions about how harming another body in such a way communicates a lack of regard for that person. Then, after… Read This Article

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I want a theology that begins to deepen people's understanding

Reimagine Theology – Relevance in Hurt

Ruby Sales played and continues to play an essential role in securing civil rights for all people. She does this in very practical ways, and she does this in theological ways.

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the great doesn't happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought together

Collaboration and the Art of Giving Up Credit

A creative masterpiece is the result of a succession of little strokes, tiny marks, a single idea and then another.

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