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Grace 150 150 Nicole

… stooping very low, He engraves with careHis Name, indelible, upon our dust,And, from the ashes of our self-despair,Kindles a flame of hope and humble trust.He seeks no second site on which to build,But on the old foundation, stone by stone,Cementing sad experience with grace,Fashions a stronger temple of His own.… Patricia St. John (1919-1993), from “The…

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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Spring Cleaning for the Soul 150 150 Nicole

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. (Ps. 51.10)Today is Ash Wednesday and the pull of the Lenten season and the rhythm of the traditions of our faith is very strong on me.  I long to be in the midst of a community of faith,…

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pain 150 150 Nicole

‘and wherever the will conferred by the Creator is thus perfectly offered back in delighted and delighting obedience by the creature, there, most undoubtedly, is Heaven, and there the Holy Ghost proceeds.’ (CS Lewis, The Problem of Pain, 88) The first question is why our cure should be painful: to ‘render back the will which…

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