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I’m here to guide and be present on your journey to know and be your true self.

Wellness Counseling Areas

Spirituality | Mindful eating & nutrition | Sexuality and sexual identity
Self-regard | Stress | Marriage
Relationships | Exercise | Addictions & Habits
Time management | Vocation | Parenting


Schedule to meet via Virtual Office or by phone: 

Mindfulness Spiritual Direction

Schedule a virtual guided Mindfulness Spiritual Practice space via Virtual Office. I use a combination of Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and guided spiritual narrative imagery.

Mind – Body – Spirit Coaching

Schedule a virtual space for direction in holistic wellness development. I incorporate Mindfulness Spiritual Practice, my expertise as a Licensed Professional Counselor, nutrition, and body-wellness strategies to customize your whole-health wellness needs.

I specialize in designing and developing mindfulness spiritual practices for leadership groups that integrate personal practice with group listening skills in relevant, practical, and purposeful ways.

Group Leadership Direction

Time engaging mindfulness spiritual practice with other people is a profound experience. While leaving one vulnerable it creates a certain trust that makes the risk irrelevant. The creative collaboration that results is beautiful.

Research and experience show that drive and ambition continue to pervade expectations leaders maintain and put into action. Attention and thoughtful reflection are increasingly challenged by the prevalence of technological devices, and the lifestyle this technology gives license to.

Schedule a session space for your business or church leadership team. Teaching, training, and guided practice will be integrated into the time and space created — From a 2-3 hour workshop, a day-long seminar, or weekend retreat. Contact me for more information and to outline your specific needs.

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Clark, 13

Clark Howard JeeSung Snyder turns 13 today. My baby, the youngest of four, is now “officially” a teenager. Just in the past couple of months his gaze all too quickly approaching the level of mine slipped right by and can now, ever so slightly, cast down on me. I stand tall in this newly appointed… Read This Article

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Genius Sight

It is easy to showcase an idea or product for which you have a talent. Not so easy is the vulnerable act of exhibiting work that others may not yet understand. It is scary. It is often lonely. Still, each images God uniquely. And, the world doesn’t need another performer. The community doesn’t need one… Read This Article

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Creativity Transcends Gender – It Is Divine

The only quality that can be ascribed to creativity is that it is inspired. Creativity transcends gender. Inspire – divine insight; to breathe life into the creative activity that is ignited within. Our creations orchestrate an exhibition of God’s being. Jesus, through whom all things were made (Jn1:3) is our true Mother, as Julian of… Read This Article

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Inner Tranquility

“Peace that demands unreal conditions is a deception. There is no life without work, anxieties, or tensions. Peace is not found in avoiding these but in understanding them and confidently controlling their force.” [Sister Wendy Beckett] From this inner tranquility peace enters relationship through practical involvement in the distress of another. It understands – knows… Read This Article

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Be Present to Joy

On being present to Joy, Sister Wendy Beckett says: “It is inadequate, even misleading, to speak of ‘experiencing joy’, though it is impossible to find another phrase that can suggest what is meant. Joy is too great to be experienced. It is never our own, never within our power. It is rather that we are taken… Read This Article

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A Nose For This

My dad comes from a proud line of prominent nosed peoples. I take after my father in many ways, and the nose is quite obviously one of those. My parents were always generous with their love toward their children and I grew to develop a fairly good sense of self. But my nose was always… Read This Article

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