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The Power of Color

The Power of Color 150 150 Nicole

Color galaxy (Photo credit: @Doug88888)   While shopping the other day, one of the things I was looking for was cording for a necklace that my youngest son wanted me to repair. While comparing products I overheard a mother behind me instruct her child to “pick out a boy color for Adam—so, either that blue…

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Our Chemical Bond

Our Chemical Bond 150 150 Nicole

our chemical bond (click above for pdf—couldn’t figure out how to insert the text boxes from my word doc. . .) Water in hydrogen bond network (Photo credit: vitroid)

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Slow Ideas: Reimagining Church

Slow Ideas: Reimagining Church 150 150 Nicole

Chinese depiction of Jesus and the rich man (Mark 10) – 1879, Beijing, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   I just read an article by, Atul Gawande, entitled, “Slow Ideas”-   (http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/07/29/130729fa_fact_gawande)   Atul Gawande says, “We yearn for frictionless, technological solutions. But people talking to people is still the way that norms and standards change.”…

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A Life Well-Lived and Loved

A Life Well-Lived and Loved 150 150 Nicole

Stephen Colbert’s mother died last week, so when he returned to do his program, he began it with this tribute to her. No politics. No tongue-in-cheek remarks. Just genuine reflection on a mom who loved well and was well-loved. It was convicting, as I would love this to be said of me. Whether or not…

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Take the Byway, That’s the Best! (Ottawa, part 2)

Take the Byway, That’s the Best! (Ottawa, part 2) 150 150 Nicole

English: View at the West end of Wellington Street, Upper Bytown, looking East, 1845. Watercolour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. The native Ottawa people used the “Great River” (now known as the Ottawa River) for centuries as a trade route. When settlers arrived, a canal was constructed as a bypass…

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Glory and the Ottawa People

Glory and the Ottawa People 150 150 Nicole

The Ottawa people (Odawa), the name meaning, “to trade,” are a First Nations people. The name Trader was extended to the Ottawa because they were known as intertribal traders and barterers. This office continued as Europeans and others arrived exploring the land. The Ottawa were mediators, easily moving among and between tribes—and, then, the European settlers that…

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Matter Matters

Matter Matters 150 150 Nicole

Richard Rohr’s meditation for today is at once powerful and simple, weighty while uplifting. God is Spirit and flesh, and we who are enfleshed have that Spirit, all the power and life–within. To live in that fullness is to truly live. Sometimes I do not feel as if I am terribly alive. And, this affects…

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Deep Church and the Courage to Not Lose Nerve

Deep Church and the Courage to Not Lose Nerve 150 150 Nicole

Icon of the Pentecost (Photo credit: Wikipedia) When recently doing a word study at the bequest of my mother, I had a bit of an epiphany regarding my relationship to the Spirit. I found that there were no instances, in either testament, of any person asking for the Holy Spirit to come. There are, however,…

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Sitting Shiva at the Tomb

Sitting Shiva at the Tomb 150 150 Nicole

English: Christ washing the feet of the Apostles. Icon of Pskov school. Русский: Омовение ног (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   The corporate world, medical sciences, even the health care industry, have research that suggest those engaged in mindfulness (e.g., meditation, yoga, spiritual practices) have significantly better physical and mental health, are more productive and vastly more…

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Living the Questions

Living the Questions 150 150 Nicole

Have you ever had someone—a writer or speaker or person you respect—in your life that for you, for that time, everything that is said seems relevant, challenging and motivating? Oswald Chambers was that for me at one time, Amy Carmichael, Alan Hirsch at other times. These days, Richard Rohr’s meditations are speaking into me life…

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