Love, the High Road of Justice

As I consider the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., I am reminded that prophets throughout history stand outside of time because they stand in a reality that is timeless: love. A love that is concerned for the well-being of all peoples. A love that yearns for justice and righteousness—making things right in the world.… Continue reading Love, the High Road of Justice

Gift Exchange

Holy Trinity, open my eyes to specific ways I can make space, loosen control, so another might repossess the dignity the world has commandeered.

The Hashtag Image

Recently, I came across an article about a brilliant campaign: #droptheplus ( The article features a couple of lovely models that look like real people. Beautiful. And real. The campaign is one of many that are making a genuine attempt to change the way that the world perceives beauty—and, the function of the female form.… Continue reading The Hashtag Image

Stations of the Cross: A Theology of Liberation

I wrote this on Good Friday last year. The video meditation on the Stations of the Cross from a Liberation Theology perspective is worth revisiting on this Good Friday. I pray you find it as meaningful and, perhaps, convicting as I do. Follow Jesus with me in the way of the Cross.

Pi Day

Pi (3.14159265 . . .) is the mathematical term that expresses the circumference of a circle as a ratio of slightly more than three times the diameter of a circle. Diameter recalls the linear nature of time as we experience and perceive it. That the circumference is about three times the diameter, but not exactly—and… Continue reading Pi Day

Standing Still – Advent Peace

Peace occurs when time and space are suspended. I do not mean an escape from reality. Rather, peace comes when what looks and feels like reality—the unrelenting rush of time transporting me, helpless to obey—is revealed for what it is: an illusion. The thunder in the wind that rushes past as I wonder at the… Continue reading Standing Still – Advent Peace

For the Love of Dust

Julian of Norwich enters the room (tomb) reserved for the Anchorite, yet for Julian, the symbolism becomes rather meaningless except for the time and space it provides for God’s clarifying presence. The visions and subsequent revelations instruct Julian that the cross itself is not a symbol to revere. The sacrifice of Jesus, the mutilation and… Continue reading For the Love of Dust

Tending Gardens

I just read a beautiful description of the mission of Christ (though, not explicit) from a postmodern marketing guru, Seth Godin: Gardens, not buildings Great projects start out feeling like buildings. There are architects, materials, staff, rigid timelines, permits, engineers, a structure. It works or it doesn’t. Build something that doesn’t fall down. On time.… Continue reading Tending Gardens