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Remembering a Father: heritage of life

Remembering a Father: heritage of life 150 150 Nicole

Today I remember a man who would be 72 years old. Though I was only given just short of 12 years with him, the legacy and heritage of my father is keenly felt. Not only do I venture to continue in the life and work he began, his impact also reaches all of his children…

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Unbrokenness Amid the Broken

Unbrokenness Amid the Broken 150 150 Nicole

The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold and it has overturned the order of the soul. ~Leonard Cohen  Parker Palmer is stunningly honest—both with regard to himself and the human condition. He exposes one such feature that he judges at the heart of our fears: “Afraid that our inner light will be extinguished…

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Lacking Imagination

Lacking Imagination 150 150 Nicole

The church who is the reflection of Jesus, the fullness of God, ought to be guided and moved by the mind of Christ, the will of God, within the culture—ahead of the culture. When we react to, our agendas dictated by the culture, we have created religion and are deserving of all the railings against…

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Glory, Power and Waiting

Glory, Power and Waiting 150 150 Nicole

As I have been continuing to memorize, meditate on, engrave on my heart the passages from Ephesians 1 and 3, various words or phrases continue to evoke something—what? Interest? Certainly a sense that I must come to understand this—I’ve heard these words countless times in my life, but what is Paul trying to communicate here,…

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Truth and Memory

Truth and Memory 150 150 Nicole

            I have been fascinated by the rate at which we seem to forget certain events while remembering some insignificant detail that no one else seems to have witnessed. Arguments ensue with thorough incomprehension: “I remember that it was like this.” “Well, that’s not what Iremember!” no one closer to the “truth” of the matter.…

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To Be Still And To See Clearly

To Be Still And To See Clearly 150 150 Nicole

Why do my thoughts wander so? Why can I not keep my inner eye on the One who fills me and gives me life? When I was younger I could spend hours in prayer and meditation, filling my journals and interceding for others. Now I can scarcely go two minutes without my mind flitting off…

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Shallow Thinking and Punishing the Poor

Shallow Thinking and Punishing the Poor 150 150 Nicole

We can be blind to the obvious. We can be equally blind to our blindness. In the recently published book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman discusses two general processes the brain uses when thinking about, really, anything. He describes “fast” thinking as the immediate impression born from habitual or everyday experience that requires little…

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Time 150 150 Nicole

Time.Transcendent. Multi-dimensioned.What is time?            Movement. Fast. Slow.                        Perspectival.Time heals wounds.            Time distances.But what is time, really?            The rotation of the earth.                        Its circling of the sun.The Son.            In time. Above time. Before time.                        At the end of time.Time heals. Jesus heals. Bisecting time.            Decimating time. Obliterating time.            In no time.What do we miss, if we…

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The Tree, Decay, and a Fifth Force of Nature

The Tree, Decay, and a Fifth Force of Nature 150 150 Nicole

We have this unquenchable desire to gather information. I seem to remember something about a tree and some fruit? As Image-bearers we have the capacity to comprehend and the spirit to desire it. I believe God knew that Adam and Eve would want to have the knowledge eating the fruit would bring, but also knew…

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Compassion, Memory and Leadership

Compassion, Memory and Leadership 150 150 Nicole

Passion:  [păsh’ən] via French, from Latin passio (“suffering”), noun of action from perfect passive participle passus (“suffered”), from deponent verb pati (“suffer”).Compassion: [kuhm-pash–uhn] latinized ad. F. compassionné, pa. pple. of compassionner to compassionate; f. Latin com- together with + pati to sufferNOUN 1. Suffering together with another, participation in suffering.            Joe W. Gardner writes in, No Easy Victories, “Leaders have a significant role in creating…

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