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Mother-Christ, Ebon

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A woman writes an article for Christianity Today. About Jesus
She uses imagery that suggests Jesus is a woman, and black. She receives hate mail and death threats.
Death threats!
Because she writes an article in Christianity Today 
suggesting Jesus might be anything other than 
a white man.
“Son of Man.”
What does that mean?
Men — and it is almost exclusively men — say:
When masculine pronouns are used, it is obvious in scripture when humankind is subject.
That when pronouns used in scripture to refer to all of humankind 
actually refers to all of humankind notwithstanding — we 
(evolved, enlightened human beings) can certainly 
begin to use our language to convey exactly that:
all of humankind.
Be better interpreters/writers.
Create new pronouns.  
God as more than gendered —
beyond and encompassing gender
and Nothing that can be contained by, or even touched by . . . 
gender is a crutch, a stigma, a shackle — 
it only serves to constrain, enslave, control, subjugate:
He, She, shIt thrown at the Creator
of everything.
Jesus. Word. God. Through Whom all things are made.
In the beginning.
In the end.
In everything
Middle East-born, Egyptian - suckled: richly pigmented;
Murdered, infused hell,
Resurrected —
They knew their friend by voice.
They knew by Jesus’ voice — that Jesus knew them.
They knew this form was the incarnation of God because the incarnate God Loved.
The incarnated God
— Resurrected
— made perfect
cells reassembled according to creative design, perfected,
            Redeemed —
made right
— Justice
Cells reassembled, perfected —
not confined to ordinary laws.
Walks through doors
holds substance: wounds.
Unrecognizable in form:
            gender. pigmentation.
A woman writes an article for Christianity Today suggesting Jesus can be known as a black woman.
And she receives hate mail and death threats.
For writing about how she experiences her relationship with Jesus.
For writing.
For seeking to know God and follow Jesus and live her calling to know and love — more.
Death threats.
Letters evoking violence done to her.
God. Is not.
And never will be.
A white man.

To know God more, read Christena Cleveland. For Visio Divina, meditate with the art of Paula Champagne.

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About the author


Nicole Oliver Snyder’s expertise lies in the areas of leadership, gender issues, and mindfulness practice as it affects both. Leadership, particularly in an urban setting, requires community-relations skills, and an ability to clearly convey justice issues as they relate to felt, spiritual ones. Dr. Snyder is author of Leading Together: Mindfulness and the Gender Neutral Zone, and specializes in teaching mindfulness leadership development, formative spirituality, counseling, and Old Testament theology (emphasis on justice issues). She has a diverse background in international community-relations work combined with volunteer work in multi-ethnic communities, and with local institutions. She is an ordained Clergy; holds a BS in Human Development and Family Studies, w/Education Certificate, an MA-Counseling, MDiv Equiv., holds a Doctor of Ministry and Advanced Certification in Formative Spiritual Direction, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (CO, MI).

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