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I love Nancy Gibbs!  She writes in the concluding essay of TIME magazine about how the ‘female candidates own the macho rhetoric. But it’s not for the reason you think.’  She says this, ‘What sounds like a “Sisterhood, hear me roar” rallying cry may actually be calculated to appeal not to women but to men–strong, silent types…

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Hope in spite of…

‘I have heard many such things; miserable comforters are you all.  Have windy words no limit? Or what provokes you that you keep on talking?  I also could talk as you do, if you were in my place; I could join words together against you, and shake my head at you.  I could encourage you…

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Proper speech

A recent conversation with my mother regarding the use of [sic] following quoted material that uses less than perfect form has piqued my awareness of all the venues ripe for [sic]-ified language.  A Facebook correspondence initiated our musings, but a text-conversation I just had with my daughter was pure gold, and I had to reproduce…

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  • God promised to abide with us. God created us for that purpose. We are made to be the dwelling place of God. All creation – the universe, the earth and everything it contains – was made to be the dwelling place for God. But if we are being poor stewards of our relationships with one another and with the earth, it only follows that all of God’s goodness will be diverted from those spaces. 
The result is the destruction of our environment – now felt acutely by our farmers, and only worsening. And it is evident in our relationships – the inability (or difficulty in) finding unity, to see the divine in one another. 
God said, "I am about to create new heavens and a new earth..." And we are a part of that re-creation.
Equity and equality will occur because all will work together for the good of the community – not to exploit the weak or take advantage of the generous.
To be lovestruck with each other (MLK) we notice first what we love – then any difference is secondary, a point of uniqueness and possibility for growth. And if we are lovestruck with our environment – with awe and wonder – then it will matter how we use our resources. 
It is creative. It is collaborative. It is for the dreamers. “Sometimes, the only realists are the dreamers.” (Paul Wellstone). So not grow weary in doing what is right. 
God’s holy mountain – the new heavens and the new earth – where God’s presence abides. The presence, God’s glory, that is evident in the making-right of all things – this intentional activity to dwell in God’s glory: this universe, this world, an intentional abode. [to read/watch more, link in bio]
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  • We are interconnected. We are accountable to God – together. Which means, we are accountable to each other, too. 
The whole earth is full of God’s glory. This holy God fills the land with plenty of what we need – exactly enough. But we are accountable to one another for its care. Men and women put their lives on the line, and have given their lives for the protection of this land. Your land. My land. But it is rebelling against us because of the disregard we’ve given it. 
Perhaps, as we remember and honor the veterans who have and who are even now in service to the protection of our freedoms in this land... consider what our responsibility is to the land – this land that was made for you and me.
And we might see the reality, God’s glory, the reality of God’s presence even here, and see more clearly that material things “only collect rust or dust, and once we know that the only thing that counts is treasure in heaven, surely we [will] find a new way to live!” (continue to read/view, link in bio)
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  • The result of living out of a mythology of self and without grace, the grace of dignity – the truth of who I am, who you are, as uniquely imaging God – the result of living for the myth and not living in the grace of knowing my true worth … is shame. 
If each of us understands of what our relationship with God consists, If each of us let go of the mask that we made identity – cobbled together as a façade - our entire sense of worth is no longer in question; and there is no longer shame. 
But we have to have faith. Believe that the end is present because God is timeless, and God is near. In fact, God is among us. And we are not alone.
“Everything in God’s universe is present-tense. Divine love transcends time and place.” In the Eucharist, taking communion, we remember. Today we remember – remembering the saints, in communion. And together dwell in this Cosmic Abode of the communion of saints. (Keep reading/watch, link in bio)

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  • Sainted aliens, alien saints, channel your inner Yoda or Groot or celestial spirit (Gemini’s rule) Come for out-of-this-world treats and bonfire with fellow freaks; all are saints this All Hallows’ Day! 
@_ellie.rothermel_ @celia_rthml
  • We are accountable to each other. God created us to be in community and to be unified – one with God and one with each other. Not identical, not doing ministry in the same way, but at one with who God made us to be and live out of that strength, leading and moving with dignity: knowing our worth, knowing the worth of those who lead and move and live beside us, with us.
Each of us is more precious than the costliest of stones. Our identity in the dignity of our worth as uniquely, creatively created in the very image of God. And we ARE accountable to one another to be involved in one another’s life, this transformation, empowered by the grace that supports and nourishes the sanctifying reality of God-With-Us, in us, among us.
Transformation in the spiritual life is experiential and perpetual. It is a verb. An occurrence, and ongoing. It is not a one-and-done this side of glory.
But it asks that we die to our hold on anything that we are making god to us – our things, our money, position, homes, pensions, even our generosity can become a god…
“As long as you do not have experience of this dying and becoming, you are only a troubled guest on this dark earth.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe #reimaginecommunity [to read/view more, link in bio]
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  • Sometimes faith is believing that you are enough, that I am enough – believing that God’s love is the only true standard – and that if I fall short in loving others (or even myself), God’s love has covered even that. Because, you know, grace. 
Faith gives us the courage to be vulnerable.
God promised that this new covenant will mean that every bit of who God is and God’s intention for creation will already be writ large on their hearts. This hope is timeless. As it was for the Israelites, so it is for us. Faith is what got them through it all, and it is faith that moves us now.
We can be fewer in number, decreasing in mobility and endurance - and permeate the community, disciple with nothing but who we are. And that is enough. Because God alone, is enough. (Read/view more, link in bio)
#faith #grace #discipleship #paceofgrace #bejust #listen #sacrament #reconcile #covenant #instrumentofpeace #womenclergy #feministpriest #feministpastor #nonbinary #inclusive #lovefirst #communion #paceofgrace #thepaceofgrace #argueitout #bewhoyouare #lovewashismeaning #reconciliation
  • The night sky approximately 4pm mst, Denver, October 16,1993. We’ve seen the stars over 26 years together and from all over the world. And these same stars are witness to us choosing each other over and again. I’m up for going an ultramarathon more years with you - as long as we have stellar orthotics! Love you @howiejim to the stars and beyond!
 #26years has no #traditionalgift‽
  • So amazing to witness this remarkable human who completed the #chicagomarathon - and with two seasoned marathoners who ran to multiple markers just to cheer him on. @howiejim ran to raise funds for #worldvision - along with others running for the same cause raised over $3m that will provide clean water for 60k people. The race was also the culmination of a disciplined training regimen that is a beautiful example to his family and all who know him. I’m so proud of you baby!
  • Sometimes doing good, loving mercy, walking alongside Jesus, sometimes the blowback wears you down. ‘You will have much trouble in this world,’ said Jesus. And: ‘I have overcome.’ Trust. Lean not on your own understanding. With your whole heart, acknowledge: Jesus is who he says he is. That is enough.
The worlds needs people who have come alive. Let us encourage each other to Love and to do good. Because loving is the only way to know God - and to come fully, truly alive! Solo Dios basta. PC @greersnyder ~
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