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Truth and Memory 150 150 Nicole

Truth and Memory

            I have been fascinated by the rate at which we seem to forget certain events while remembering some insignificant detail that no one else seems to have witnessed. Arguments ensue with thorough incomprehension: “I remember that it was like this.” “Well, that’s not what Iremember!” no one closer to the “truth” of the matter.…

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To Be Still And To See Clearly 150 150 Nicole

To Be Still And To See Clearly

Why do my thoughts wander so? Why can I not keep my inner eye on the One who fills me and gives me life? When I was younger I could spend hours in prayer and meditation, filling my journals and interceding for others. Now I can scarcely go two minutes without my mind flitting off…

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Shallow Thinking and Punishing the Poor 150 150 Nicole

Shallow Thinking and Punishing the Poor

We can be blind to the obvious. We can be equally blind to our blindness. In the recently published book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman discusses two general processes the brain uses when thinking about, really, anything. He describes “fast” thinking as the immediate impression born from habitual or everyday experience that requires little…

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