Making Boundless Space and Taking Back our Minds

It disturbs me to consider how much my reaction and responses to activity on my phone is targeted and designed with incredible precision to keep me looking, scrolling, clicking . . . . In this episode I discuss how we might begin to break the addiction cycle with our technology.

The Mother Gene? (not to be confused with mom jeans)

Mothers provide the growing space, nutrition – inside and out – and contribute to the functioning of growing human beings from the very smallest portion of our DNA to their graduation and beyond. None of this can occur without that person who carries the Y chromosome. And not everyone who possess to Xs can or do make new human beings, or are inclined or well suited to do so. In this episode, consider the experiences you have/had at the hand of your mother.

This Is We

In all of our deformities, all our inadequacies, there is beauty in the imperfections. That beauty is seen most clearly when others reflect it back onto us. Who I am is who we are. This is me. This is we.

I Am Clark

understanding who I am in this moment through a mindfulness exercise of poetry.

Freedom’s Protest

Freedom is a nebulous concept, vague and imprecise, yet for all its deftness to evade definition, we (and North American’s in particular) assert our right to wholesale freedoms. Freedom protests.

The Black Panther’s True Power

“True power exists when you can’t tell where it comes from,” Chadwick Boseman, actor, the Black Panther. In sociological terms, this kind of power is referred to as “soft” power. It does not seek to dominate or crush; nor does it require obeisance or affirmations of its power. It is messy and seemingly out-of-control at times. But it more real, more true, a tangible influence on the community it leads.

Photography: Mindful Memory Making

Mindfulness use of your phone’s camera in a more intentional way. Make memories and refocus your perspective as Lenten practice by being present, noticing, processing your surroundings and experience – making a memory that will remain with you longer than my stay.

Body Scan

continuing the 10-day mindfulness challenge for your Lenten season intention