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Autoimmune Disease

Savoring Goodness – Day Thirty-Seven

Savoring Goodness – Day Thirty-Seven Nicole

One time when I was about four or five, it must have been Thanksgiving, I was sitting with my brother and two other children at the kids table in the back room. It was a communal meal so all the families contributed and somebody brought a dish of boiled peas and carrots. Peas were at…

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See and be Known – Day Thirty-Four

See and be Known – Day Thirty-Four 150 150 Nicole

When I was growing up, our family lived in four different houses, but they were basically in the same school district. So, for me, I went to one elementary school, one junior high, and one high school. Then I went to university in the same state, but began a (thus far) thirty year succession of…

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