Freedom’s Protest

Freedom is a nebulous concept, vague and imprecise, yet for all its deftness to evade definition, we (and North American’s in particular) assert our right to wholesale freedoms. Freedom protests.

Photography: Mindful Memory Making

Mindfulness use of your phone’s camera in a more intentional way. Make memories and refocus your perspective as Lenten practice by being present, noticing, processing your surroundings and experience – making a memory that will remain with you longer than my stay.


continuing the 10-day challenge to start your Lenten season intention


continuing the 10-day mindfulness challenge to start your Lenten season intention.


continuing the 10-day mindfulness challenge to begin you Lenten season intention.

The Agony and Awe of Parenting

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Welcome the meannesses visited on your child by seeing the brilliance into his heart and recognize our responsibility to awe.

Consent to Love

We all possess the capability (as created in God’s very image) to conceive and grow creative life, to give birth to a nurturing love toward other human beings. We are equipped with the capacity to consent, as Mary did, to the presence of God’s Spirit, the creative life and love within.

A Collision of Peace

"José y Maria," by, Everett Patterson

As long as some are not at peace, I cannot really know true peace. The prayer, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,” assumes that peace will exist in me – that the source for that peace I’m meant to be instrumental in sharing – must dwell within me.

Hope in the Midst of Advent

"Wait," by, Ethan Oliver

When you hold in your hand the things that distress you, the fist clenches and everything seeps through, between the fingers – coming apart. Practice hope this week, the holy indifference – hold loosely the things that seem to be falling apart or breaking you apart so the More Than can have space, have room, to hold it all together.