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Listen 2560 2560 Nicole

One of the most difficult activities for human beings, perhaps the most difficult, is to listen. It asks that I remain still for a time, that my focus lingers on the object of my listening attention for the duration of the message being communicated. It is active. It is intentional. It is human. When Louis…

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Live, Move, Be

Live, Move, Be 2019 2019 Nicole
Today, I am so inspired, encouraged and strengthened by these beautiful people. Howie and Lysander and a dozen more from DGFUMC are being present to other beautiful people in another city. read more

Cinco de Mayo (aka, 3 weeks before I turn 50) – Day Nineteen

Cinco de Mayo (aka, 3 weeks before I turn 50) – Day Nineteen Nicole

A century before I was born, a noteworthy event transpired in another part of the world. It is directly related to Mexico’s victory over the French occupying forces at the Battle of Puebla that Cinco de Mayo commemorates. Though that battle did not give Mexico decisive freedom from Napoleon IIIs occupation, it was a significant…

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Act Human – Day Sixteen

Act Human – Day Sixteen Nicole

On May 2, 1967, the Black Panthers entered the California State Capitol building, guns at their sides. Theirs was a demonstration, advocacy for their right to defend themselves against racism in policing. They wanted to police their neighborhoods by being present (carrying guns in compliance with CA law), observe arrests and other law enforcement activities.…

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