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Savoring Goodness – Day Thirty-Seven

Savoring Goodness – Day Thirty-Seven Nicole

One time when I was about four or five, it must have been Thanksgiving, I was sitting with my brother and two other children at the kids table in the back room. It was a communal meal so all the families contributed and somebody brought a dish of boiled peas and carrots. Peas were at…

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Music is Human – Day Thirty-Six

Music is Human – Day Thirty-Six Nicole

Some of the most popular songs in 1967 included, the Beetle’s “Penny Lane” and “All You Need is Love,” Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” “Light My Fire” – The Doors, “Soul Man” by Sam & Dave (though many will know it from the Blues Brothers), and the Tremeloes’, “Silence is Golden.” In Gospel music that same year…

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See and be Known – Day Thirty-Four

See and be Known – Day Thirty-Four 150 150 Nicole

When I was growing up, our family lived in four different houses, but they were basically in the same school district. So, for me, I went to one elementary school, one junior high, and one high school. Then I went to university in the same state, but began a (thus far) thirty year succession of…

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Life and Breath and Meaning – Day Thirty-Three

Life and Breath and Meaning – Day Thirty-Three Nicole

All that lives must breathe. If it does not breathe, it is not living. The trees and shrubbery outside my window inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. The birds in its branches and the 2nd grader walking home take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. The tree and the girl exist because the other does. Indeed,…

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Creative Conversation – Day Thirty-Two

Creative Conversation – Day Thirty-Two Nicole

When I returned home from visiting my daughter in Indonesia bands of muscle in the guise of steel ropes threaded with industrial hex nuts formed a latticework on my back. No amount of stretching, yoga, or deep breathing seemed to loosen the grip these giant pods of lactic acid had on my back. This morning,…

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License to Commune – Day Thirty-One

License to Commune – Day Thirty-One Nicole

Today I spent time at the DMV to renew my driver’s license. Since I’m turning a certain age soon (in nine days, but who’s counting) they find it necessary to check my vision. Also, there is a new process in place that requires my information and photo be processed through a centralized system. To do…

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Flavor Fusions and Angels – Day Thirty

Flavor Fusions and Angels – Day Thirty Nicole

The year before I was born (1966, if you haven’t been keeping up) McDonald’s started using frozen french fries. The first credit card in Great Britain, the Barclaycard, was also introduced that year. Mississippi repealed Prohibition – its last holdout, Simon and Garfunkel released ‘Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme;’ the first law requiring ingredients listings…

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Just Like You, Nothing Like You – Day Twenty-Nine

Just Like You, Nothing Like You – Day Twenty-Nine Nicole

One of the first personality inventories I took sorts people into groups represented by one of four animals (lion, beaver, golden retriever, otter) developed by Smalley and Trent in the 1980s. I never liked taking these inventories mostly because the questions could be answered differently depending on the day, or two answers were equally true.…

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Wiki-Relating – Day Twenty-Seven

Wiki-Relating – Day Twenty-Seven 150 150 Nicole

When I was in primary school the only way that I might quickly find information on a particular subject was to go to one of our bookshelves lined with maroon-ish colored hardbound volumes. Carefully spelling out the key word (the Ss were two volumes!) and it would take longer if one didn’t remember “i before…

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Create Love, Not War – Day Twenty-Six

Create Love, Not War – Day Twenty-Six Nicole

The history of humankind as resident on this earth depicts lands riddled with the puncture wounds of markers moved and the battles fought to place them. In 1967 alone, there were 67 conflicts underway. In Saigon the Second battle of Bàu Bàng went down in March, the ongoing Vietnam War advanced, Che Guevara’s Ñancahuazú Guerrilla,…

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