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Put Your Record On – Day Twenty-Four

Put Your Record On – Day Twenty-Four Nicole

Around the time when I was born, in the late 1960s, James T. Russell invented the technology behind the Compact Disc. Russell was a huge music fan and wanted to enjoy it via media that recorded the music with better precision than LPs and cassettes. The writable CD comprises a thin layer of dye sandwiched…

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Girl With a Book – Day Twenty-Three

Girl With a Book – Day Twenty-Three Nicole

Mrs. Dumas was my 6th-grade teacher. She was kind but not gushy, at once generous and restrained. She had a sort of regal quality in her posture yet I always knew she was for her students, wanted all of us to succeed. My 6th-grade teacher taught with the qualities shown in my research as most…

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Concrete Cancer and Discrimination – Day Twenty-Two

Concrete Cancer and Discrimination – Day Twenty-Two Nicole

Reinforced concrete was once called “liquid stone.” It is made of a combination of three main ingredients: 65% aggregates such as sand, gravel, crushed rock, recycled glass; 10-15% cement (calcium silicates and aluminates); and 15-20% water: and was invented in 1867 by Joseph Monier. The word “concrete” is derived from the Latin concretus that means,…

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Ever-Present Wonder – Day Twenty

Ever-Present Wonder – Day Twenty Nicole

Yesterday my sister-in-law, Kristi, posted a note that described being outside under the night’s sky noticing the starry expanse, recognizing a constellation here, a cluster there. She was present, and knew it, and savored the timeless moments. Another sister-in-law, Rachel, shared a picture of her sweet Avery while taking a hike in Colorado’s hills, bird…

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Grace Forthwith – Day Eighteen

Grace Forthwith – Day Eighteen Nicole

When I was about to turn ten years old, the first Star Wars movie was released (May 25, 1977). Following the rejection of his Flash Gordon pitch George Lucas developed the idea of a space opera that included a hero that fought space creatures in foreign galaxies, by tracing the genres origins to the 1905…

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Act Human – Day Sixteen

Act Human – Day Sixteen Nicole

On May 2, 1967, the Black Panthers entered the California State Capitol building, guns at their sides. Theirs was a demonstration, advocacy for their right to defend themselves against racism in policing. They wanted to police their neighborhoods by being present (carrying guns in compliance with CA law), observe arrests and other law enforcement activities.…

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Flowers That Work – Day Fifteen

Flowers That Work – Day Fifteen Nicole

Happy May Day! When I was in primary school, we would pick a basketful of flowers, leave a bundle on a neighbor’s porch, ring the bell and run away. It was terribly exciting and I just thought it was such a lovely idea to leave flowers to brighten someone’s day – and not need to take…

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Expressions of Peace – Day Thirteen

Expressions of Peace – Day Thirteen Nicole

A Philadelphia high school student who went by the moniker, Cornbread, started tagging city walls in 1967 to get the attention of a girl. Since then, an eruption of artwork onto city walls and trains has evolved into an art form accepted by some of the most prestigious galleries. This 40-day spiritual practice is exposing…

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Words That Heal – Day Twelve

Words That Heal – Day Twelve Nicole

The most popular books published in 1967 list included a French children’s book, Frédéric, by Leo Lionni. It won the Caldecott Honor award, and Lionni was awarded the Graphic Arts Gold Medal in 1984. It is about a little mouse who is repeatedly reprimanded for not contributing to the work of gathering food for the…

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Simultaneous Age and Beauty – Day Eleven

Simultaneous Age and Beauty – Day Eleven Nicole

I just spent time at the home of a dear friend. She hosted a tea in honor of another of our friends who recently moved and will not be around as often. Something like 30 or 40 beautiful souls were gathered, most of who played a vital role in my life during one of our…

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