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To Be or Not to Be: Authentic

To Be or Not to Be: Authentic 150 150 Nicole

A recent post on Christianity Today’s on-line publication muses on the virtue of inauthenticity. The author suggests that the quest to be authentic translates to sharing whatever it is that one has on mind. He continues by making the connection to manners as, in essence, an act of inauthenticity, but a virtue, nonetheless. The concept…

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Love and Marriage and the Tribe

Love and Marriage and the Tribe 150 150 Nicole

Twenty years kind of seems like a big deal when it comes to commitment. And it is. Still, when I reflect on the sacrament of marriage and these two decades living out life with my husband, it is clear that our staying together is due to far more than each of us merely resolving to…

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Our Chemical Bond

Our Chemical Bond 150 150 Nicole

our chemical bond (click above for pdf—couldn’t figure out how to insert the text boxes from my word doc. . .) Water in hydrogen bond network (Photo credit: vitroid)

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Tending Gardens

Tending Gardens 150 150 Nicole

I just read a beautiful description of the mission of Christ (though, not explicit) from a postmodern marketing guru, Seth Godin:Gardens, not buildingsGreat projects start out feeling like buildings. There are architects, materials, staff, rigid timelines, permits, engineers, a structure.It works or it doesn’t.Build something that doesn’t fall down. On time.But in fact, great projects,…

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Take the Byway, That’s the Best! (Ottawa, part 2)

Take the Byway, That’s the Best! (Ottawa, part 2) 150 150 Nicole

English: View at the West end of Wellington Street, Upper Bytown, looking East, 1845. Watercolour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. The native Ottawa people used the “Great River” (now known as the Ottawa River) for centuries as a trade route. When settlers arrived, a canal was constructed as a bypass…

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Transformed by Frustration

Transformed by Frustration 150 150 Nicole

  The American Psychological Association recently published a survey measuring stress across the spectrum of generations. The study revealed that Millennials report a significantly higher level of stress than all other generations, and higher than their age group in previous years. Like any good research generators, experts offered a variety of possible reasons behind this phenomenon.…

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The Eucharist and Being

The Eucharist and Being 150 150 Nicole

When recently engaged in conversation with my mother about the Eucharist, I was reminded of Zizioulas’, Being and Communion. The event of celebrating Communion, while a distinctive element in most all churches that name Jesus as the Christ, is the source of too many divisions when the question of its essence emerges. Zizioulas offers some…

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