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The Agony and Awe of Parenting

The Agony and Awe of Parenting 1536 1923 Nicole

https://eirenicole.com/wp-content/uploads/ep210-agony-and-awe-of-parenting.m4a The Agony and Awe of Parenting This week I had a sacred exchange of texts with my sister-in-law, Jean, about the blessed agony a parent experiences when her child is hurting and struggling. It is one thing to welcome the meannesses to the inner home of the heart when the surprise guest is personal.…

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Mindfulness and Depression

Mindfulness and Depression 1080 1080 Nicole

https://eirenicole.com/wp-content/uploads/ep209-Mindfulness-and-Depression.m4a Mindfulness and Depression Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations have come and gone, and we now find ourselves in the second week of January. After two weeks of being nearly housebound because of the extreme cold it is currently 55 degrees and drizzling. The little snow cover from this past week is completely gone,…

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Time and Metaphor for Grief

Time and Metaphor for Grief 150 150 Nicole

Recently, I came across a book by Finnish author, Johanna Sinisalo, The Core of the Sun. The story is a present-day dystopian feminist-ish social critique, and it is not for the prim or easily embarrassed. But, she writes a beautiful, penetrating description of grief, at once metaphor and exact. And, while grief is not the…

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