Peace and the Amplituhedron

After our first Sunday of Advent conversation, Lysander and I continued to wonder at the implications of God’s creative intention in the beginning: What if we have always had the ability to do magic, but God hid the knowledge of it from us because God knew we would not use it with an understanding of… Continue reading Peace and the Amplituhedron

Oration and Power and Ignoring the Rest

  In the past few weeks, I have been researching discourse in antiquity (approximately 2nd century BCE to 3rd century CE). One particular source by Caroline Vander Stichele and Todd Penner focuses on the role of appearance and outward characteristics that signify one’s class. One technique of the time was the use of oration as… Continue reading Oration and Power and Ignoring the Rest

Electric Sheep and Freaks

I’ve just been listening to Janelle Monáe—her new album, The Electric Lady, just released on iTunes. Her voice is amazing, but it is her creative, thoughtful use of a variety of genres while commenting on self-hood and social norms that hooks me. One of my favorites right now is Q.U.E.E.N. It is in this song… Continue reading Electric Sheep and Freaks

The Matter of Matter and How it Matters

  A short preface: recently, there have been a number of articles published that include the cute phrase, “matter matters” and the like. Full disclosure: I have such an article in the archives of my blog—while preceding these by some fair measure . . . . But, since so few seem to read my blog… Continue reading The Matter of Matter and How it Matters

Image of God, Loving Relationship and Creation Care

Delfo Canceran offers a stunning reflection on the Image of God as articulated in the creation narratives in Genesis. In a 2011 issue of the Asia Journal of Theology, he sets out to redeem the patristic, male-centric rendering and interpretations of the creation narrative and full humanity of all humanity resulting from God’s creative activity.… Continue reading Image of God, Loving Relationship and Creation Care

Falling Gracefully

What kind of imprint do I really want to make on this world, in my life, on the people that surround me? Richard Rohr reflects on two possibilities: “Kingdom people are history makers. They break through the small kingdoms of this world to an alternative and much larger world, God’s full creation. People who are… Continue reading Falling Gracefully

Transformed By One Another

Just a couple of weeks ago we celebrated Clark’s Homecoming—seven years! As we retell his story each year, Clark’s questions become more nuanced, poignant. We have always told of his birth mom who gave him life and the foster mom who protected him until we could get him at six months. But now his questions… Continue reading Transformed By One Another

Humility and Transformation

Abuses occur when power is sullied. Whenever someone is in a position of authority—and all of us are in such a position in one aspect or another—that authority confers a certain measure of power. When one has the power to impose influence on another, how it is used will reflect ones humanity. That is, to… Continue reading Humility and Transformation

Fire, the Interior Mansion, and Magnetic Fields

  My son and I subscribe to Discover magazine. The subscription is, in truth, in my son’s name, but I have enjoyed it equally if not more! Recently, I was reading the Jan/Feb 2013 issue’s “20 Things You Didn’t Know About Inner Earth,” by, Rebecca Coffey. This last article of the magazine I always find… Continue reading Fire, the Interior Mansion, and Magnetic Fields