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Episode 2 Breathe Again

Episode 2 Breathe Again 2560 1920 Nicole

https://eirenicole.com/wp-content/uploads/Episode-2-Breathe-Again.m4a Breathe again. When I am rushing around trying to get all the things done that seem so urgent, or twirling around in my mind the circumstances in which I find myself that feels overwhelming or impossible to endure, I find that I am nearly holding my breath, my breathing is so shallow. Because I…

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Simultaneous Age and Beauty – Day Eleven

Simultaneous Age and Beauty – Day Eleven Nicole

I just spent time at the home of a dear friend. She hosted a tea in honor of another of our friends who recently moved and will not be around as often. Something like 30 or 40 beautiful souls were gathered, most of who played a vital role in my life during one of our…

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Lenten Prayer Practice – Day Twenty-Four

Lenten Prayer Practice – Day Twenty-Four Nicole

How can I practice #grace today? #MakeEverythingBeautiful #U2 Holy Trinity, center me now that I may notice Your creative intention, nest in the broad, safe space of Your presence, and intentionally nurture another with the same. What word or phrase do I notice on which I may center: Luke 1:35-38 The angel replied, “The Holy…

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