Smell and Memory

continuing the 10-day mindfulness challenge to begin your Lenten intention

Episode 10: Brain-Mind – Healing Mindfulness

the first episodes focused on noticing, attending our senses so that when automatic routines are paused for some reason, automatic reactions can be attended with grace. When on autopilot, any interruption is an opportunity to react – and, for me, it is usually with irritation. Our brains are made to accommodate new information and stimuli by allowing our bodies to do many things automatically.

Creative Conversation – Day Thirty-Two

When I returned home from visiting my daughter in Indonesia bands of muscle in the guise of steel ropes threaded with industrial hex nuts formed a latticework on my back. No amount of stretching, yoga, or deep breathing seemed to loosen the grip these giant pods of lactic acid had on my back. This morning,… Continue reading Creative Conversation – Day Thirty-Two