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Be Present to Joy

Be Present to Joy 3024 3780 Nicole

Date night with my partner-in-life to see Cabaret at the Paramount Theater, Aurora, IL. On being present to Joy, Sister Wendy Beckett says: “It is inadequate, even misleading, to speak of ‘experiencing joy’, though it is impossible to find another phrase that can suggest what is meant. Joy is too great to be experienced. It is…

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Joy: Cultivating Delight During Advent

Joy: Cultivating Delight During Advent 3000 3000 Nicole

  https://eirenicole.com/wp-content/uploads/ep205-cultivating-delight-during-advent.m4a Joy: Cultivating Delight During Advent This week, in practicing hope, the longing or desire for something –accompanied by the belief in the possibility that it will actually occur, I noticed something happening: during moments of frustration and discouragement, a sense of hope arose unbidden. Reflecting on this, something else surfaced: joy. Joy is…

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Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood 150 150 Nicole

I love the Message translation of John 1:14­—“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. We saw the glory with our own eyes, the one-of-a-kind glory, like Parent, like Child, Generous inside and out, true from start to finish.” Advent prepares us for the celebration of this event: God-with-us. And then, it…

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Breathe: Life and Generosity, Suffering and Joy

Breathe: Life and Generosity, Suffering and Joy 150 150 Nicole

One of the contributors to the On Being blog, Omid Safi, recently spoke to suffering and finding joy therein. Safi found that, as a human experience, openness to suffering opens one to another’s suffering. He draws from Rumi: This being human is a guest house Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness,…

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Joy and Radiance

Joy and Radiance 150 150 Nicole

Look to God and be radiant. The Dark Night of the Soul, the love poem of St. John of the Cross, beautifully describes an encounter with Jesus at a most dark moment in his life. It was only in the darkest place that the light of God’s love became visible, with more radiance than he…

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Joy and Affliction

Joy and Affliction 150 150 Nicole

In this third week of Advent we are reminded of the joy that comes with understanding the significance of Jesus’ birth. It is with a fair bit of disorientation, however, that I approach this meditation as the week has issued circumstances that are far from joyful: An Aunt who is close to death; a beautiful,…

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