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Breathe 2533 1905 Nicole

https://eirenicole.com/wp-content/uploads/ep301-Breathe.m4a I began this podcast with a 10 day mindfulness challenge. I thought ash Wednesday a fitting time to return to it. I encourage you consider using these next 10 episodes to begin or renew a habit of mindfulness practice for your Lenten season intention Breathing is as natural as, well, breathing. Unless, of course,…

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Life and Breath and Meaning – Day Thirty-Three

Life and Breath and Meaning – Day Thirty-Three Nicole

All that lives must breathe. If it does not breathe, it is not living. The trees and shrubbery outside my window inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. The birds in its branches and the 2nd grader walking home take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. The tree and the girl exist because the other does. Indeed,…

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