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Borderless Love

Borderless Love 150 150 Nicole

Writing about the implications of the event of the crucified Christ is kicking my butt. Everything about who we are as human beings after the fall screams control. We rail against anything that seeks to dominate us. I should say: I bristle under the push and crush of another. It is true, pride is certainly…

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Body Politic of Compassion

Body Politic of Compassion 150 150 Nicole

[Theology is] considered as a reflection of . . . faith and of the moral force of the Word, for the work of liberation from injustice and from sin, in its structural as well as personal dimension. Reflection is only a partial understanding of truth if it does not translate itself in practice into commitments…

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Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange 150 150 Nicole

von Veh Crucifixion-III The wound inflicted on world history by the coming of Christ continues to fester.                              ~Hans Urs von Balthasar The Word spoke. The Word speaks. The Word became flesh at a fixed point in time and space, yet, the…

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The Wound of Mission

The Wound of Mission 150 150 Nicole

heroin galleryMy Lenten discipline this year to meditate with Julian of Norwich on my crucified Lord has been a profound experience for me. It is deepening my sense of the breadth of God’s love, and with it, God’s persistent—stubborn, insistent—patience. It is reworking my notion of what I am as part of Christ’s body. Frederick Bauerschmidt’s…

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Through a Glass Darkly

Through a Glass Darkly 150 150 Nicole

Alice through the looking glass The Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar sees Julian’s revelations of the crucifixion as a theo-drama to help us understand (or approach understanding) the action of the Trinity at the cross; this element of infinite divine freedom that created finite freedom and where they meet, interact. Considering the paradox of…

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The Word Has a Name

The Word Has a Name 150 150 Nicole

Every expectant parent is faced with countless preparations and decisions before a child is welcomed into the home. Some are tedious, most elicit myriad opinions, but one will most certainly affect the child for the rest of his or her life: choosing a name. It is often drawn from a parent’s lineage, sometimes chosen for…

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Mynde of His Blessyd Passion

Mynde of His Blessyd Passion 150 150 Nicole

  Sculpture at Platz der Synagoge as seen from the inside looking straight up. Göttingen, Germany. It is fitting that I have been compelled to study the visions of Julian of Norwich at this time. A major paper is due this Friday on her life and work. What I did not consider when I chose…

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Remembering a Father: heritage of life

Remembering a Father: heritage of life 150 150 Nicole

Today I remember a man who would be 72 years old. Though I was only given just short of 12 years with him, the legacy and heritage of my father is keenly felt. Not only do I venture to continue in the life and work he began, his impact also reaches all of his children…

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Sifted to be Strengthened

Sifted to be Strengthened 150 150 Nicole

I love this insight from Richard Rohr on spiritual authority: “Loving servanthood and foundational surrender are the true basis for teaching authority in the Church, much more than title, vestment, role, or office. Such lives have the living authority of Jesus himself, and need no special ordination or public validation. Jesus says to Simon Peter…

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