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Taste 1536 1536 Nicole

https://eirenicole.com/wp-content/uploads/ep307-taste.m4a I began this podcast with a 10-day mindfulness challenge. I thought the start of Lent a fitting time to return to it. I encourage you consider using these 10 episodes to begin or renew a habit of mindfulness practice for your Lenten season intention. Since taste is highly dependent on a sense of smell,…

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Episode 7: Taste

Episode 7: Taste 1536 1536 Nicole

https://eirenicole.com/wp-content/uploads/Episode-7-Taste.m4a Since taste is highly dependent on a sense of smell, some of the experiences of smell are also associated with taste. I am allergic to dairy, but before I knew dairy was a major cause for my chronic bronchitis and pleurisy, ice cream was my go-to treat. So when a soy-based frozen dessert company…

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