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Mindfulness and the Gender Neutral Zone

Create Love, Not War – Day Twenty-Six

Create Love, Not War – Day Twenty-Six Nicole

The history of humankind as resident on this earth depicts lands riddled with the puncture wounds of markers moved and the battles fought to place them. In 1967 alone, there were 67 conflicts underway. In Saigon the Second battle of Bàu Bàng went down in March, the ongoing Vietnam War advanced, Che Guevara’s Ñancahuazú Guerrilla,…

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Let’s Talk About Hormones – Day Five

Let’s Talk About Hormones – Day Five Nicole

Our bodies are constantly shifting, changing. Eat a piece of candy and you experience a brightening of cognition, a sugar rush. Not enough sleep and muscles are slower to respond, thinking is muddled. A teenager experiences wildly fluctuating hormones that can induce at once utter despair and elation at the touch from the object of…

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Lenten Prayer Practice – Day Twenty-Seven

Lenten Prayer Practice – Day Twenty-Seven Nicole

Journey #with each other so Love is known. Jn17:21-23 #tobeknownistobelovedandtobelovedistobeknown #makelovenotwar Holy Trinity, center me now that I may notice Your creative intention, nest in the broad, safe space of Your presence, and intentionally nurture another with the same. What word or phrase do I notice on which I may center: Eph 5:8-14 For once…

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Mindfulness and the Car Radio

Mindfulness and the Car Radio 150 150 Nicole

Writing can be a very lonely vocation. The struggle to craft words that faithfully describe thoughts, an epiphany, musings, a deeply formulated conviction . . . and effectively communicate even an approximation of the idea to the reader . . . well, it can be excruciating and exhausting. The process does not even begin to…

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Mindfulness and Parenting

Mindfulness and Parenting 150 150 Nicole

A recent study showed that adolescents are influenced by parents’ prejudices—toward immigrants, specifically, and concerning difference, in general. Behavioral research is famously unsuccessful in clearly demonstrating causality. Still, a strong correlation is valuable for insight and consideration. This research happened to be well constructed (consistent measures, valid data, accounting for confounding variables, etc.) Being intuitive that…

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Mindfulness and Power

Mindfulness and Power 150 150 Nicole

In an isolated system, according to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy always increases. That is, the energy contained in that system becomes increasingly less available to do useful work. When power is contained within a system, entropy always occurs, and usually to disastrous effect. For example, if a room is not tidied or cleaned,…

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Mindfulness and Politics

Mindfulness and Politics 150 150 Nicole

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines politics, “the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.” It is concerned with the theory of governance, but is most often motivated by the status and power of individuals within…

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Mindfulness Versus Polarity

Mindfulness Versus Polarity 150 150 Nicole

My son’s army figures have overtaken our bathroom! But, I thought it a fitting (ironic?) backdrop for this quote. “To celebrate the particularity of individuals and cultures is to see and understand facets of God, but no single person or culture can contain all the facets of God in themselves, isolated from others. Rather, it…

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Listen! 150 150 Nicole

A friend recently mentioned the inherent difficulty in helping someone change, particularly if there is a presenting personality disorder (in the friend’s case, narcissistic). Not only is it difficult (some behavioral scientists think impossible) to treat or influence the attitude and behavior of one who displays the characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it is very difficult…

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