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Awe And Wonder

Awe And Wonder 2560 2560 Nicole

https://eirenicole.com/wp-content/uploads/ep202-awe-and-wonder.m4a The art of observation: Awe and Wonder.  At the dinner table last night, my son told us about popping a piece of candy into his mouth earlier that day and being surprised by the flavor. It was a candy he has had before, and mindlessly eaten. Yesterday, though, he noticed the distinct flavor and…

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Episode 8: Holistic Body Scan and Image

Episode 8: Holistic Body Scan and Image 1528 2253 Nicole

https://eirenicole.com/wp-content/uploads/Episode-8-Body-Scan.m4a   Our bodies are complicated terrain. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with it, likely heavy on the hate end of the scale. There are more factors than any medical, psychological, sociological, anthropological, theological field can name for my occasional disdain for my body, but none are satisfying and none can really explain…

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Ever-Present Wonder – Day Twenty

Ever-Present Wonder – Day Twenty Nicole

Yesterday my sister-in-law, Kristi, posted a note that described being outside under the night’s sky noticing the starry expanse, recognizing a constellation here, a cluster there. She was present, and knew it, and savored the timeless moments. Another sister-in-law, Rachel, shared a picture of her sweet Avery while taking a hike in Colorado’s hills, bird…

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Lenten Prayer Practice – Day Thirteen

Lenten Prayer Practice – Day Thirteen 150 150 Nicole

#see things as they are. #EyesOfGod #EyesOfLove Holy Trinity, center me now that I may notice Your creative intention, nest in the broad, safe space of Your presence, and intentionally nurture another with the same. What word or phrase do I notice on which I may center: Romans 4:16-17 So the promise is received by…

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