continuing the 10-day mindfulness challenge to begin your Lenten season intention

Groundhog Day and Doing Teshuvah

By straying from my true self – over-estimating or under-estimating who I am – I have sinned against the one whose image I bear. Repentance, Teshuvah, is returning to that space at the very center of my being where Jesus resides, where I am most truly – and being that.

The Agony and Awe of Parenting

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Welcome the meannesses visited on your child by seeing the brilliance into his heart and recognize our responsibility to awe.

Mindfulness and Depression

Mindfulness practice is one of those methods that are indicated to help alleviate depression. But one feature about being in the habit of practicing mindfulness is that it helps to prevent one from delving as far into the depths in the first place. It also offers tools that are practical and easier to access.

An End-Of-Year Examen

Practicing mindful attention of examen for this year – see it for what it has been, notice your reaction to the events, hold loosely these things in God’s presence, and bring our intentions for the new year into awareness of God’s presence and intention toward you, toward me.

Consent to Love

We all possess the capability (as created in God’s very image) to conceive and grow creative life, to give birth to a nurturing love toward other human beings. We are equipped with the capacity to consent, as Mary did, to the presence of God’s Spirit, the creative life and love within.

A Collision of Peace

"José y Maria," by, Everett Patterson

As long as some are not at peace, I cannot really know true peace. The prayer, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,” assumes that peace will exist in me – that the source for that peace I’m meant to be instrumental in sharing – must dwell within me.

Joy: Cultivating Delight During Advent

What brings you joy?
It isn’t as if we can expect joy to just appear. It is true that some circumstances we find ourselves in might occasionally bring unexpected joy. But it isn’t usual. The practice of loving kindness is a beautiful reminder that every person around me has the same desires and needs that I do. And praying for their well-being shifts my perspective. And maybe I can appreciate them. Perhaps, even delight in them.