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Wiki-Relating – Day Twenty-Seven

Wiki-Relating – Day Twenty-Seven 150 150 Nicole

When I was in primary school the only way that I might quickly find information on a particular subject was to go to one of our bookshelves lined with maroon-ish colored hardbound volumes. Carefully spelling out the key word (the Ss were two volumes!) and it would take longer if one didn’t remember “i before…

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Punked by Information

Punked by Information 150 150 Nicole

The Human Condition (painting) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The story of Blind Men and the Elephant is useful metaphor for the value of a variety of perspectives. It is difficult to comprehend the whole of an issue in all its complexities unless observed from multiple points of view. The same could be said for time. That…

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The humanity of a hug

The humanity of a hug 150 150 Nicole

For a little extra motivation I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog. They are mostly bits of wisdom that keep me focused on the task at hand rather than succumbing to discouragement by the difficulty of the entire project. Sometimes his observations are particularly profound or relevant to the work, and today’s held such a sentiment. Godin is…

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