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A Case for Faith

A Case for Faith 150 150 Nicole

Today’s Ignatian reading is taken from Jeremiah 17:5-10, and the question was asked, “Do you extend your roots to the streams of water? where do you find it hard to trust God?” I have an autoimmune disease that is beginning to show more outward obvious signs of its nefarious campaign against my body. It has…

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Listen! 150 150 Nicole

A friend recently mentioned the inherent difficulty in helping someone change, particularly if there is a presenting personality disorder (in the friend’s case, narcissistic). Not only is it difficult (some behavioral scientists think impossible) to treat or influence the attitude and behavior of one who displays the characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it is very difficult…

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Oh, Be Careful Little Hands What You Do

Oh, Be Careful Little Hands What You Do 150 150 Nicole

  Upon Reflection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   We are creatures of habit. A surfeit of research devoted to decoding habit-formation indicates the stark truth of it. The advantage of habits is the freedom to make better-informed or more creative decisions, free from the need to select for routine daily actions. The disadvantages are copious and…

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Our Chemical Bond

Our Chemical Bond 150 150 Nicole

our chemical bond (click above for pdf—couldn’t figure out how to insert the text boxes from my word doc. . .) Water in hydrogen bond network (Photo credit: vitroid)

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