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Inherent Trust

Inherent Trust 2560 1920 Nicole
Trust that while I no longer hold all the power, I also no longer hold all the responsibility – And no longer the only source of creative vision. So I must be willing to let go of some of my brilliant ideas and consider someone else’s perhaps more brilliant idea – even better, we collaborate, come up with something we would never have come up with on our own. Others will only have opportunity to participate in leadership when those who occupy that leadership space move aside, give up that space or share it outright. Shared leadership only happens when it is shared. read more

Stations of the Cross: A Theology of Liberation

Stations of the Cross: A Theology of Liberation Nicole

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman: Jruchi Gospels II MSS Georgia 12th cent. To follow in the footsteps of Jesus is no easy journey. It is messy, sometimes excruciating, but paved by grace, saturated in mercy and always – always – accompanied by Love. Yesterday I witnessed the agonizing slander of someone very dear to me. While…

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