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To be known is to be loved and to be loved is to be known. Love is in the knowing, and to know someone, be interested in an -other, is to love. So, how does one claim to love the poor, the marginalized, the leper of one’s community, if that same one does not know one? How can I say, ‘I love you,’ if I do not enter the sacred space of your being to regard who you are as important to know?  And so, my God does just that: enters my space, my being, in my form to know me. And, this God still loves me. Known. Loved.

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Nicole Oliver Snyder’s expertise lies in the areas of leadership, gender issues, and mindfulness practice as it affects both. Leadership, particularly in an urban setting, requires community-relations skills, and an ability to clearly convey justice issues as they relate to felt, spiritual ones. Dr. Snyder is author of Leading Together: Mindfulness and the Gender Neutral Zone, and specializes in teaching mindfulness leadership development, formative spirituality, counseling, and Old Testament theology (emphasis on justice issues). She has a diverse background in international community-relations work combined with volunteer work in multi-ethnic communities, and with local institutions. She is an ordained Clergy; holds a BS in Human Development and Family Studies, w/Education Certificate, an MA-Counseling, MDiv Equiv., holds a Doctor of Ministry and Advanced Certification in Formative Spiritual Direction, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (CO, MI).

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