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Eyes To See

Disciple's Sight

Disciple’s Sight

Disciple’s Sight 2560 1920 Nicole
When I look, actually see – because I’m not paying attention to you if I’m trying to say everything I want to make you understand – when I see you, I notice more about your expression, sense your presence. And it is powerful. This is what Jesus did. He went to the people – the outcasts, the immigrant, ones that made other people uncomfortable – Jesus went to the people and listened. He noticed the sick and healed them, he recognized the foreigner and offered acceptance, belonging. And Jesus said, “Follow me.” read more

Open Minded Possibilities (aka, eyes to see)

Open Minded Possibilities (aka, eyes to see) Nicole

Photography by, Greer Snyder One clue my body supplied that I was turning on the 50 mark was my eyes’ seemingly belligerent refusal to make sense of the printed words in my hand. I have worn glasses for reading since about my mid-twenties, but if I concentrated enough, I could still read. But when it…

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